Executive Director Maurice Walls


Hello Membership and Guest,

It has been along road since our re-opening September 11, 2010. Like all roads in life we have had hills to climb and on occasions have fallen into valleys. The GLEC staff, Board of Directors, and I thank you for your continuous support during these trials and tribulations.                                                 


From the day of re-opening the Board of Directors and staff have been singular in its pursuit to reestablish all the activities GLEC had prior to closing. GLEC has been able to bring the steam room and sauna back on line. The weight room and racquet ball courts took a little more time and effort but were accomplished. The Pool as you know seemed an impossible task. The pool is over eighty-five years old. During the closing the pool sat empty of water. I was surprised to learn that the concrete walls had dried out causing hairline cracks resulting in leaks. I took some pride in how the Board of Directors, staff, and friends of GLEC rallied to find a solution and never gave up. So after a yearlong struggle the pool was reopened a year after the grand re-opening on September 11, 2010. We all share
in GLEC’s accomplishments so far. I give thanks to those of you that a have contributed your time, money and prayers.


GLEC has a promising future looking forward. Our friends at PECO will be starting a community service project at GLEC. PECO will be installing new light fixtures, upgrading air conditioning units, refrigerators, and other upgrades to help GLEC become more energy efficient. You will find new programing now and in the future expanding services in the area of arts and culture. Planning has been done to re-open the Junior Basketball Court by moving the free weight room to another area and other programing upgrades will be coming. The Board of Directors is seeking tax credit projects funds for the renovation of the building. My favorite is the return of child care services. GLEC had a successful, fun and inspiring Summer Sports & Fitness Camp and the After School Program and Day Care Programs are now available. A promising future is seen at GLEC with your continued support.


We the Board of Directors, Staff and Membership continue to stand joined with determination to continue this One Hundred and Forty Seven year legacy of providing services to the community as "An historic interfaith association for culture & fitness".


The Germantown Life Enrichment Center  and I thank you for your help, donations and support.            




Maurice Walls

Executive Director